FeedBack ) Lobby for a MM Game!

So i got hired to make a lobby for a murder mystery game and I wanted to see what you guys think, and how I could improve!

  1. What looks good about it?
  2. What could be changed or imrpoved?
  3. Does this look like a high quality build?


The lobby to be honest looks good. Though please I’d really appreciate if you could increase the lighting because people who will play it will use the lobby probably many of them may not get a good view of the lobby.
Also I appreciate the fountain you did a very great job on the fountain.
May I also suggest that the houses’ windows should all have the same yellow light color in the window becausd the other windows I’ve seen in your picture is either white or yellow but I prefer to make all the white windows to yellow so the interior of the house would look like they have light.
In all, I appreciate the medieval houses in the scene it really makes the lobby’s appearance more nicer.

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Thank you for the feedback! ( 30 Chars )

Let me tell you some personal changes I think can really spark up your lobby by answering your questions.
1 = What I love is the trees, they obviously used up alot of effort and time and that’s showing your commition!

2 = What can be changed is:
The fences; The fence posts seem too thick and repetitive, make the posts a different shade of brown or maybe a bit wonky.

The Crates; make the outline of the boxes a little thinner :slight_smile:

3 = The quality id say is a 7.5/10, but what can really make this nicer is the use of ShadowMaps in the lighting Properties :slight_smile:

Overall, this map shows your commition and how much effort you put into your builds, if you keep improving your builds , the detail can go somewhere! Great Job! and have a good day :smiley:

Nice, this looks really pretty and amazing. I love the buildings to the side, makes it look very old (1700s-1800s).

One thing I would like to see changed is the grey brick placement*. Maybe try to vary them and space them across the bottom, not just put them all in a straight row.

*What I’m talking about:
Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 12.10.30 pm

Anyhow, this build is really high-quality and you’ve done a good job with it. :+1: