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Hi, I’m crazychickend and I am currently making Crazy Spleef and I need some feedback for the lobby.

How the game works:

In short, it is a round-based game that involves spleef. The twist is that there is something different on each map. Like on one map you run really fast or in another you can’t jump.

The Lobby

Lobby Pics

I don’t really know what to add… Feedback would be heavily appreciated!


I’d say add more realistic grass. I’ve seen that texture around roblox and to me it looks weird. The balls you can step on and push around seem to be really popular. If you have player collision, you might want to make sure the edges are high enough so people can’t get outside the map. I like this idea, it sounds pretty fun! Good luck with this! :slight_smile:

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It is supposed to be cartoony so that’s why the grass looks like that, but I agree it looks kinda weird. I’m adding the balls you can step on, right now. Thanks for the feedback

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Ok, you’re welcome! (30 characters)

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The overall layout of the lobby is decent i’m just not liking the cartoony flooring decal - texture, it looks more like small green bricks are placed in the grass maybe add something that resemblance a cartoony grass whatever works best to you.

Adding more variety of mountain shapes through the addition of adding variation to make the lobby look less repetitive. Mix up the saturation of the mountain colors by lowering and raising some of some mountains. In addition on what to place i would recommend a secret area. I’d add rewards for users for exploring some parts of the lobby i.e.

Some obstacle courses an underground cave or area featuring achievements that your game has made maybe a badge, when exploring the lobby. Obstacles or an area they can practice to improve there skills trampolines, mini games, vacant, statue of the game logo - name. Best of luck with your game.

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The map looks quite empty. Adding some foliage would be nice for decoration. And make the rotation and sizing of the grass random. It looks like it’s been copy pasted in the same direction.
Keep up the great work!

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I added a bit to the lobby:

(I haven’t finished the maze)

Looks nice, If I were you I would add some shops too your left and right. Also, try adding some bushes somewhere, maybe a obstacle course of some sort? Also, Some trees would be nice. Great job:)

I think that there should be a little more stuff in the lobby. It feels so blank.

I’d add more detail to the floor or make it feature vacant and add things like trees plants so and so forth to the mountains or ground area. The objects placed down on the floor look very out-of-place, especially when there’s just small things placed into such a small area and with a bunch of empty areas around;

Try to add something that’ll make your lobby pop more if players where to be placed into it they’ll get bored very quickly since there’s nothing to do, buy, ect. So it can lead to a plain lobby.

I’m more focused on the empty areas you could possibly improve on the placements. Being empty, it is very plain maybe a few shops here and there a underground area something to give to let players interact with each other which will overall increase the player experience? It looks good though.

The issue of this lobby is that it lacks character, when I see this it is fairly bland. Here are some of my suggestions to make it fairly better!

  • Mess with lighting, add color correction to your lighting properties and adjust it to the cartoonyish / low-poly lighting.

  • Work with putting decor around the map such as trees, fun obstacle courses while people wait, stuff to keep people occupied so they’re not walking around a big baseplate.

  • I’m not too sure if the game has music however adding music or soundtracks to the game lobby will make it seem much more charactery.

I wish you the best of luck with your project with the near future

Happy Building!

Don’t use the same mesh for everything.

Like everyone else had said, the map needs more detail; Things like trees, paths, etc. Also, adding more elevation helps make the map stand out more.