[Feedback] Low poly Arcade Machine

Hello fellow Developers, this is a quick build I made in Blender due to boredum. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows any good tutorials on YouTube for lighting, that would be great thanks.

Also would like some suggestions for other random objects which you think I should make.


I think that looks amazing, I only have a few suggestions that could be made:

  • Include something in the blue screen, pacman?
  • Include a sign on the top where there is nothing, it could interest others by flashing/glowing.
  • Return slot for money back? Would make it realistic.
  • Include a wire for the connection - depends where you put this. (optional)
  • Make the 6 buttons glow/flash.

In my opinion, having things glow or flash sets the mood and also makes it feel like you’re in an actual arcade, you can search up pictures, or youtube and get the inspiration from where I’m coming.

Anyways, great work! Keep up the amazing progress and I hope to see you soon.