[FEEDBACK] Low poly axe

Hey developers!! My name is shadow and lately I have been working on weapons in blender. My most recent artwork which I am very proud of so far is called Betty. She was named after the sad story of Blender crashing in the middle of the making so my brain said “bet” and I recovered the auto save :sunglasses:
Things I already would like to improve for Betty:

  • I want to make it have more color it seems bland at the moment.
  • I would like to add more dimension to it (like some more parts to make it look sharper)

A problem that I am having is that in Blender the sculpt mode will not work so I have been working with low poly models. I have tried many tutorials but could not find one specifying my issue so if anyone has a solution to that it may help a lot!

Here is a rendered image of Betty

please mention things that I could add regarding design!


First off, I love how you named the model. Betty could have a little sharper blade, and maybe more of a curve instead of a flat blade at the button of the blade. Other than that, it looks really well done!


Thanks for the feedback. It will be noted :ok_hand:

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The axe looks amazing, but the handle/stick seems a bit too thin.

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Thanks, I’ll make it a bit thicker when I edit it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Magnificent! It’d look much better though if the handle was thicker.

My dudes I have added sharp edges and made the handle larger.

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That looks really good! However, I would like to give some technical feedback. (Please don’t take it badly) First of all, I don’t know if your going for what I would call an “animeisuqe” look where you have expressed proportions. For example, a great sword in many animes (Take Kisame’s Samehada sword from Naruto as reference) is often times much larger then the handle itself and in reality would bear an impossible amount of weight on the beholder. If that’s the look, then its fine. But practically speaking, the blade would be far too large in proportion to the handle/stick. You could either made the blade smaller or make the the handle larger and thicker as @TheBeastOfDoom129 and @ISIipped said. Another thing to note is (And this isn’t as technical as the first point but more addressed to aesthetics) that often times axes have a creased bump near the outer edges of the blade to balance out the center of mass of the ax to help to be able to swing it better. As practical as this is, it also adds a nice touch and makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Other than that, great design! Hopefully, this helps!

Thanks for the feedback. I hope when I apply it it will look better!