Hey. This is the build I made today so I wondering how it looks.
Of course, give suggestions if you have any :slight_smile: Thanks
Here are the pictures:


First off, I just want to say that this is a very beautiful blacksmith. I love the low-poly look to it and I think it looks amazing however I do got a couple of suggestions you could try changing and adding to it just to look way better.

I noticed that the blacksmith house doesn’t have that many tiles placed on the roof part the brick effect pattern you added is neat, but try filling the roof with some more instead of having it look a little plain try adding some pattern tiles, wooden shingles, black shingles, ect. Those are just some ideas you could possibly add to your blacksmith just to get the full detail.

And as well the front part of the blacksmith is quite simple and doesn’t really hold that much detail to it. Try adding a bit of decorations and changing things up a bit you could add some Hanging Lights By The Door, Wooden Table, Baskets, Boxes, tool racks, and more, but what needs to be more improved is the roof of the blacksmith you could try getting some ideas in different reference images so your build could look finished and have the full detail added to it.

Other than that, amazing blacksmith!


Looks really nice. My only complaint is the front of the house. Its vary bare bones and plain. Maybe add soem cracks, sticking out tiles, vines climbing up or a window maybe


The black smith part on fleek, the house its to boring and bland. Maybe and some windows and de core out side of it

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I just realized that front is to empty. Thanks for pointing that out. Will be fixed :slight_smile:

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No problem! It looks great so far!

This low poly is so cute, I love the attention to simple details like the roof tiles. Excellent work!!

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I specialize in low poly so my feedback will hopefully help out. I would just like to say the building without the low poly is completely flawless, perfect job.

I also love the low poly aspect of the build but I would definitely suggest you add some of the low poly shapes on top to the side of the building, to give when a player is in game more of just a view, that it is low poly, rather than them having to zoom out to see it.

Overall though a perfect job and I hope to see more of of your builds in the future!

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Hello, I’m very impressed by your low poly blacksmith.
It’s really interesting and good-looking for a game! I want to make a suggestion though,
a blacksmith shop should have an anvil outside along with weapons he finished working on. I suggest you put in weapons outside the shop with an anvil to make the blacksmith shop’s scene more better and realistic as if he the blacksmith made something in his shop. Actually, it would look dull if you left thr outside of the shop with nothing so I really suggest you put this things outside of the shop.
In all, I really like your build and see it as something great!


Thanks so much for great words.