[FEEDBACK] Low Poly Build

Great low poly build! Maybe you could turn down the brightness in the windows and just work on the lighting around the main building as I noticed it was a little dim, otherwise its a fantastic build!

Looks great! I like your layering on the roof and trim of the building, and the variation of sizes for your bricks. These are wonderful details that make the build look interesting and eye-pleasing despite being low-poly.

I would suggest making the neon part of the windows a bit more transparent, and possibly a warm white color. It would still have the glow effect, but wouldn’t appear too bright. Additionally, I would recommend adding in stairs to the front door, since it appears to be too high for your dummy model.

Your fruit stand looks perfect, despite the missing fruit! If you had to add anything else to it, maybe a bottom trim on the stand’s legs or wheels on the bottom.