[FEEDBACK] Low Poly Build

Building this for a game I am working on. Any suggestions or details I could add?


(I can’t make items on Blender so someone will build the fruits)


Wow! This low poly building look really amazing! The font fit it well! Keep it up!

I think it look pretty good as it is then again I’m not a low-poly professional . - . but in my opinion I think it look awesome

This is nice! But maybe add some fruit in the baskets?


Yes! I don’t work on Blender so somebody else will add the fruits.

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Looks phenomenal. I love the detail you put on the building. The random 3D bricks give it a nice touch. You could try adding a door and leave half of the front for the selling window.

The stand looks okay in my opinion. The crates have an excessive amount of gaps. To add contrast between the building and the stand I’d change the color of one of the colored roofs.

I think the “Sell” text could be popped out less.

Looks great, I hope to see more!

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I’ve moved this thread to #help-and-feedback:cool-creations since it’s just seeking general feedback.

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I really really like that build! I like the theme, the font of the text, and literally everything! I’m not sure if you’re even up to these steps, but maybe add food or the fruit to the wooden stand next to the fruit shop. Other than that, I have nothing else to add, so good job!

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Greatly, done! I appreciate the quality.
Though I would suggest for you to make the brick building, I mean the ‘Fresh Fruits’ building to have a more lively color because to be honest, the color gray isn’t really working for it’s appearance and I do say so myself made it a little bit dull. Maybe make the brick color red or green some lively colors I may suggest.
Overall, the quality of your work is greatly appreciated and the low poly will really attract children to come play games here in Roblox because of the cartoonish quality.

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It looks very good! Put some products inside of the crates to add a bit more detail.

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I edited the post, but I won’t be making the fruits. Thank you for the suggestions !

Looks great! Keep up the great work.
Suggestion, the windows look a bit too bright for me, I would recommend turning the brightness down. Other than that, everything is almost perfect.

Looks great! Keep up the good work!

Your low-poly build is fantastic! There is nothing much too say.

The overall design is actually very good, however I would consider adding the sign on the side of the building instead of it hanging on the building I don’t think it looks good in that spot it kinda close to the windows I would try adding some sort of pole and maybe adding the actual sign on it instead of it being on the building. Maybe try placing some product inside the wooden boxes so it could resemble a fruit stand.

I would recommend either that or maybe add a little chalkboard sign next to the building. The rest of the build is very good and I admire your building style.

I would say to tone down the neon material for the windows and change brighten the color of the building
to match with the feeling of the overall build. Of course add fruit to the baskets of so the customers have something to buy. Maybe change the color of the wood to be darker and contrast with the roof. Brighten up the interiour of the shop to make the building look more alive. :grinning:

Splendid work! I love this sort of style and you have pulled it off for sure!

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I feel that you should add some stairs to make it look like there is a second level in the back, also I feel like it’s a bit empty in the building too

This looks cool, everything fits in. This is just incredible!

It’s actually supposed to be like that! There isn’t supposed to be an interior. The building is for a simulator and that’s the selling part :).