[FEEDBACK] Low-poly Bus

This is the first low-poly vehicle I built using only the Roblox engine, any feedback is appreciated!



I like it, I think that it looks really nice. There are 3 things I would change if it were up to me.

  1. The front windshield.

It’s oddly specific, but most school bus front windshields do not have a separator between them. Usually, that is how city buses and buses without front places. And if the buses have those separators, they are usually black and much thinner than that.

I get it, it’s a bit nit picky but I think that fixing it can benefit you.

  1. Bus Door

The bus door is structured a bit weird, The lines continue onto the door and there are only 2 small windows on it. Usually, the bus doors do not continue those lines because they are metal beams. Also, most doors have either 2 long windows or 4 small windows, both pictured below:

Finally, the front of the vehicle seems quite long and large from how a bus usually is. This makes the bus look janky and odd. Here’s a nice angle to compare to your model:


It’s not bad, not at all. I think that if you push it back and make it a bit smaller then it will look great.

Overall, I think that it looks really good and I would love to see this being used in the future.


It looks okay at its state now, but you can certainly improve on it.

1. A Stop Sign:

One thing that I don’t see is a ‘Stop’ Sign on the school bus. With most school buses (especially the iconic yellow ones) there is always a stop sign attached.


2. Name at the top:
If you look at the top of the bus, you can see the word “School”. I may be a little picky here, but usually, it’s "School bus" not just "School.

I can’t think of anything else that isn’t listed or needs improvement, just add those minors details that I’ve listed and it should look a lot better.

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The from part with the supposed “engine” looks a bit too big, I suggest making it smaller. If your confused I mean this part:


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