[Feedback!] Low-Poly Cafe

I agree with the bricks part, there were a bit to many cluttered next to each other. I will try to implement an umbrella above the tables as well as making the tables bigger. A big coffee cup would make it stand out more instead of just being a regular, old bland building. Thank you for the tip!

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I agree with @0yFX on this,

and also maybe add some lights outside to make it brighter! Otherwise I love it.

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I really like the simple look you are trying to achive with your cafe, it’s great! But I personally think that it needs a lot more visual detail so that players will find it more eye-catching.

For example, maybe you could add some more minature tables around it, and a sign at the very front of the cafe. You could also add some garbage bags, some lights illuminating the outside the cafe, and some npcs sitting on the chairs with sitting animations!

I would also recommend trying to detail the other walls of the cafe. You put a lot of detail in the front, but the other sides of the cafe look plain. Maybe add some more wall textures around the entire cafe!

Then maybe when the player walks into the cafe, you could have a script that teleports them into the cafe with a cool transition! Those are some of the suggestions I have, but honestly the build is completely up to you!


Nice tip Sheasu :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Thank you for complimenting my cafe, and it is looking pretty bland at its current state. I’m planning to add a dumpster at the back of the build with some boxes to give it some minor detail. I’ve been working on the sides by adding windows/bricks to sort of fill up the space. I don’t think you will be able to walk into the cafe, but there are always possibilites in which I might implement it. Lights always just bring any build to life at night, so I’m planning on putting street lights around the building to give it a certain feel.

Also, keep up the great work on your channel with the tutorials. I’ve been enjoying watching them since mid/late 2018. They have helped me a lot in terms of how/what to add to my builds.


I’m planning on adding some street lights around the sidewalk to give it that feel, but thank you for the tip!

Keep up the good work my man! I’m excited to see what you create!


Firstly, can you go inside your build at all yet, because it looks good and I’m intrigued to see what’s hidden in there.
Can you add more details to the sides, like trashcans, lights, etc. Having just crates on one side and leaving the other side completely empty feels off to me.
Anyways, good job! :+1:


Thank you for saying my build looks good, and you cannot walk in yet, but there are always possibilites. I’ve been working on the build, (especially the sides lol) and it isn’t nearly as empty as before. I might put some street lights on the side of the sidewalk also.

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Looks really nice. Colors go together. Nice job. :+1:


Liked: Overall it looks pretty nice. I like how you detailed the building and the creativity you put in it throughout the map.

Feedback: Make the windows more transparent, add more tables and chairs outside and create a title for the building we can see outside the building.

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Looks great on the first design.

Just add thin windows on the side and add more sculpture, That could make it prettier. Also you don’t need to fully decorate the back. Usually building don’t do that.

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Hello! I’m going to be honest, this doesn’t look like a cafe. Maybe putting a sign or something where the read bricks are:

Would actually make this look more like a cafe instead of a house! Good work though!

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