[FEEDBACK] Low Poly Enviromental builds

(This is my first post on the forums :smiley:)

Hello, My name is Fufu1337, I’ve been using blender for like a week or 2 and I would like some feedback. Note: None of these are rendered in Roblox, they are still in blender because I textured them the wrong way and if I export it’s gray in Roblox. I’m working actively to get this into Roblox

My first one was a Mountain and lake environment:

My second one was a Grand canyon build. I focused on lighting here, also there are many trees doing their own thing, please ignore that :smiley: :

My third one was a river build. I finally got some feedback on how to do good lighting, and its quite noticable here when you compare it to my other renders:

My final one was a low poly island, This is a project many low poly artists do at some point. Im still working to make a variety of them (such as a fall themed one) :

I appreciate your time reading this. I would like feedback please, I want to keep improving. Im also still trying to figure out how to make textures. Thank you (end of my first post :smiley:)


Wow, that is so impressive, if something like that would exist in ROBLOX I would love it, so I hope you keep on working on it and one day it will be on ROBLOX.

I would suggest you on the first picture to just copy the lightning from the second as I love the lightning of it, well done on focusing on it you did a good job, with the sky and sun.

For the 3rd picture I suggest you to maybe work on the water a bit more.
Reflections and stuff. (I don’t work much with blender so I can’t say much about that.)

I also like the low poly style trees they just fit with the terrain.

So I hope that you texture is correctly and maybe make something great in ROBLOX with it.
Well done, keep it up.


Wow it looks so nice I wished there was something as nice as that in roblox, I hope you come up with something else and it’ll be a model that costs so much robux.

For the last picture I suggest making the water more realistic, it looks fine now but I think it’ll look better if it looks realistic.

Good luck and I hope the thing your trying to build becomes popular!

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I can see where you and lifelessly are coming from. In my first one i used realistic water, this time i didnt because i thought it would fit the low poly theme more. Also I dont know if you’re able to import water like that into roblox, so i just made it a solid color, which i can then make a bit transparent in studio to resemble real water.

Oh ok its fine I like it still, and whatever works for you man keep up the good work! :+1:

First of all, welcome! I would like to say that it is a really nice build with a nice combination of concepts. I think the color sets the tone nicely. I can see you’ve created a low poly floating island, it is really amazing to look at however I got just a few suggestions.

In my opinion the different scenes you got here looks nice I’d would suggest you add some rocks on the side of the island in the dirt area since mostly floating islands have big rocks underneath the island. You could try adding some bushes, and some grass to make it pop a bit more. I see you added a few of vegetation, but it won’t hurt to add more with different objects on the island itself.

Overall there’s not that much you could add to the 1st and 2nd picture they look really nice I can see you’re really doing an amazing job creating different types of environmental islands.

Overall well done.

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Man I forgot all about the rocks and bushes! Thank you for the suggestion, Ill try adding more vegetation. I am aware that most floating islands have a huge stone popping out the side, but i felt that the dirt would suit it better. I’m currently working on a Fall themed Island with full exceptions of importing it into Roblox, I’ll try to add your suggestions, just need to figure out how to texture correctly. Looking back at my image, it does look pretty empty

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