[FEEDBACK] Low-Poly Styled Hotel

Hey everyone, I’m back with yet another low-poly build, this time I built a hotel! I would love to see what you guys think about it! As always, my showcase link where the build is in will be down below as well with a picture of the front! I hope all of you are doing good during these unsettling times! :rocket::smile:

Picture of build

My showcase game link

Swiffted's Showcase - Roblox


Hello! This is very nice! One thing:

Maybe change the color to make it fit in more with the color scheme of the build? Make a whitish blue? Or a brighter white?



I really like this low poly hotel, its very simplistic yet very aesthetically pleasing, I also like the extra decorations you added to it (e.g. plants, bricks). A few of my suggestions would be…

  • As @ScytheSlayin said, perhaps you could change the color of the roof, possibly a darker shade
  • Try to use a slightly lighter color for the the bricks and the building itself
  • Try using a lighter color for the plants
  • Add a dirt-like base for the plants
  • Move the bricks a bit further away from the windows on top

Looking good. Maybe try adding a parking lot, trees, foliage, pathways anything you can do to spice the place up a little bit.


It almost looks like a jazzpunk aesthetic

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I think it could be a story longer.

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Some of the colors don’t fit in with each other.

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Nice work! You’ve done a great job in sticking to the low poly building style. The hotel and details are particularly good!

I’d say it looks pretty good for a nice build. If you were wanting to put multiple of these together, giving them some variety such as height differences and slightly different types of shapes other than just a square building would be good. Adding other details such as a staircase outside the building with some hotel rooms could add something special to the build or an interior if you plan on adding that.

Maybe some sort of sign at the front is a great idea! To add to this point, the building is itself could use the overhang roof around the entire build so it could look better, maybe try changing the color of the build to something like light yellow, red, ect.

Suggestions aside, I think you are doing a pretty nice job! Hope to see what you plan to do with it.

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The hotel looks great, and it has plenty of detail.

One thing that could be altered are the colors of the building. The orange and blue are opposites, making it almost too bright and contrasted. Unless this is your intent, I think the blue should be a bit brighter to match with the roof, as the roof is a base white.

Otherwise, great work!

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amazing work! i would just recommend to change the colors so they match. maybe like a light blue to replace the orange. just a thought. have a nice day!

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Amazing work man!

Maybe add another floor and change the roof color to fit the color theme?

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Looks delightful; as everyone said in the previous replies, you should edit the colour scheme into something brighter, add more detail, maybe pathways etc.

It definitely looks promising, keep up the great work and I can already see that the final product will look pleasing!

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