[FEEDBACK] Low-Poly Styled Store

Hello everyone! I would just like some feedback on this low-poly shop I made a couple months ago, I am just posting this now because I took a short break and just came back a couple days ago and re-discovered this build! Thanks for the feedback! :smiley: :rocket:

Picture 1


Picture 2

Picture 3


I think it looks great! The lines on the windows really makes it shine. :happy3:

Maybe adding some more things to the outside of the bottom floor would help it stand out compared to the top floor. Like windows on the side, or some other decorative object to add the exterior. Something like an “open” sign would add to that.

I hope my feedback helps you improve in some way!


Hello! Thank you for the feedback, the open and closed sign will fit in perfectly with it, I will create the sign in the morning, thank you! :rocket:

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It’s amazing. You have really good attention to detail and it’s vibrant - even meticulous work on the rooftop shows that it’s a high quality piece. Hopefully your creativity paves the way to success in the future.

I’m a programmer and I say this a lot, but I can’t even make a donut. You builders/modelers are incredible at what you do!

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I appreciate it! Thank you for the feedback, it means a lot! :rocket:

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Whoa that’s super good!

Do you have a portfolio?

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It looks really nice, but I think a bit of depth would make it even cooler (make it look more 3D)

For example, here’s a store of the same size I made:

Your windows+frames look too flat, it would help if you “pushed” them in a bit.

I hope this helps!

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I don’t really like the glare you put onto the glass. They look like white stripes or scratches instead. To fix this, you should make the middle glare on each window a lot bigger than the rest. The two other glares on the glass below are facing opposite directions, make them face the same direction because that’s a logical inconsistency. I also think you should change the gray wall color to match the upper floors peach color. For the roof, please cover up the edge so it looks more “safe” and no one can feel worried about falling off.
Despite that though, I think this build of yours is quite good and has potential to be greater than it is.


Looks great! :heart_eyes:

Although, I feel like the window line effect is a bit over-used, but that’s my opinion so please don’t fight me, thanks.

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Hey hey Developer!

In my opinion, the building overall looks really nice, it gives you that Low-Poly/Cartoony vibe, especially the windows, and every detail of a store from the outside, if pretty much there.

Overall, great job!

Hello! I think he might’ve wanted it this way, but I’m not too sure. Low-Poly gives you that cartoony vibe that you can feel when you’re in a Low-Poly game. In Low-Poly builds, not much detail is included, it depends though, and the colors are bright.

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The shop looks good, even though you should add some more details and make it look more cartoonish if this is what you’re aiming for. Also using meshes would be a good improvement to your building. Good luck ! Hope that my feedback will be considered by you.

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Not currently, I will make one soon though!

No fighting going on over here lol. I do think it is a little over-used in low-poly but I think it fits in, I am going to re-align then though as someone else previously stated I should do, thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

This is what I originally was going for, yes. But some people have made some great opinions about it, Thanks for the feedback!

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Looks really cool, I love the details on the windows. You should make the bricks on the front wall go around the whole store. I don’t know if you’re still working on it, but you should also add a roof.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will wrap up the bricks around, I was just about to do that haha. What do you mean by adding a roof?

Good work on it, But the glare on those windows looks a little uneven and wonky, when they usually are straight and aligned.

Unless it’s for a unique look, which it sure does!

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Oh! I did not see the roof on the 2nd, and 3rd image, my bad. Again, great work.

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it’s very nice, not gonna lie about that!!

Here’s my feedback:

  • maybe try some new color combinations

  • Maybe add a sign for open/closed and for what store it is

i hope my feedback helps!

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