[FEEDBACK] Medieval Cottage Build

About Build
This build took me a couple of hours to build because of many hangups which caused it to take longer than it should have.


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I think as its medieval the light in the windows needs to be toned down as they probably used lamps or candles in that era.


i love it, :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:


It looks great so far, I love the house.

If you would like to improve your build, I suggest these:

  • Add more environmental features to the design, add more trees, rocks, mountains, etc.
  • Add more objects to the background to make it completed, add a well, etc.

This is amazing, but one thing I would add, is a different pathway, or change the stone to grey.


It looks really good! 10/10 :slight_smile:


Very cute :slight_smile: It’s detailed and I think you did a awesome job! Keep up the nice work.


It’s really good, but you should add some rocks,bushes, and more trees, because your terrain is a little bit bland. Overall this build is awesome. Keep up the good work.

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I’ve loved it! It looks so cozy! I’m wondering how you made those wood planks on the roof. I mean, the way they’re in place with that orientation is wonderful, they are perfect. How did you do that?

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This looks great, the overall house seems very detailed and home-like. The terrain looks great.
If you would like to improve your build, I do suggest this:

  • You could kind of lower the lightning from the building, to make it overall better looking and not overlighted.

Apart from that, this looks very well made. Keep it up.

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I like this build, with little scenery look like amazing. Good job !

This looks really good! Although, I would add/change a few things to bring this more to life.

  • Perhaps adding patching of different terrain to make the grass look more spread out or so, or a little more ‘real’
  • It may help to tone down the neon color of the windows. When I look at this, I see a very good cottage build, but the intensity of the neon windows kinda takes away from the build.
  • Adding more vegetation/different shades of greens & perhaps some bushes and flowers it could make the build pop even more!

Either way, I love this build and it looks really good so far!

I think it looks great! The graphics and quality look nice but some more scenery (e.g trees) would be a nice addition.

Looks very nice, looks like everything I’d expect from a medieval cottage. Very nice and cozy, gives me a real peaceful vibe. You should change the skybox up, as well as adding more trees and some rocks around the build.

Looks Amazing but 1 tree isn’t enough this may have been said a lot but add more trees rocks a maybe a pond bushes etc

But overall very good build!

Nice lighting and atmosphere of it!, I would say though the neon is a little to harsh! Maybe give tone it down by selecting a different color or even adjusting the lighting a tad.

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Looks straight out of shrek. I love it!

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but not the shrek meme.LOL :rofl:

It’s pretty good! It has a simple aesthetic and that is kind of attractive.
However i suggest -

  1. Tone down the window’s brightness
  2. More depth with stuff like lanterns etc

I absolutely adore this cottage. The smoke from the chimney and the lights lit up from the windows gives me a warm cozy feeling, kinda like a small family having a joyful gathering after a long day.
I have a suggestion, you should add a small lantern hanging next to the door. Its a minor thing to put, but it will really give more detail to this build. Some medieval homes have a lantern hanging near the door outside their house. I’m just gonna assume they do this so they could clearly see whoever is knocking on their door in the middle of the night. So yea, I’d suggest you add that.
You could also set the day to night, I don’t see why lights are lit up inside a cottage during daytime.