Feedback - Military Training Course (So far)

Hi all, so I started to build the military training course and I still think it looks ugly and dark do you have any feedback on it like for colour, detail etc?

I like the design and layout. Possibly changing the color and texture to something more realistic will give it more of a military feel to what you are trying to do.

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Hm ok I’ll try, thanks! [30 charssss]

The overall appearance of the layout and obstacles, it is very bland and this is mainly due to not using textures or materials military obstacles feature (wooden materials). It is, quite clearly, white isn’t always the option for this certain approach with very few courses placed down.

When finding materials or a proper layout reference images could be used as a guide when finding certain things your having trouble finding or implementing to your build. This may be fixed by using a proper material such as wood since this is only the material on these kind of obstacle parts, which will set a better atmosphere.

Elevation is something you could use if ever needed later down the line, the training area is missing a few courses such as a tire obstacles. It may make your build look more realistic. :upside_down_face:

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That good but you need paint them more mud and ground so is will look like military training :slightly_smiling_face: keep it up

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I keep trying to but I can’t really make tires as such but I will give it a go again, thanks for the feedback.

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Yeah I see thank you. [30 charsss]