[Feedback] Mod Commands UI

i’m not really a ui designer, i mainly script. i would like critical feedback on this ui since I really suck at UI designing and I want to improve my skills

i’m happy with what I have, but i’m 100% sure there’s something wrong with it.
heres the screenshots. should i add more commands? what could i fix? also keep in mind this a moderation gui not a admin gui with fun commands.

black version

white version

i went to hd, but I didn’t get any feedback whatsoever, so that’s why i came here.


Looks great, but maybe adding an accent color somewhere to make it look less plain.

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Oooo. This looks amazing! Keep up the work.

Rather than asking for the mod to put the username for handling commands, let them press on the player in the player list, apart from the ban and unban command.

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