Feedback Morden office

Hello everyone this is my new and improved office I did what you guys thought would look better and I think it worked.

  1. What do you think is good about it
  2. What flaws are there
  3. Do you see any bugs or parts that can ruin on what something looks like. For an example a picture frame un even.

Game id

Thank you guys for looking at my post have a nice day!

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It looks amazing, there is one bug I found however it is not a major bug.
You can jump off of the balcony by going onto the roof.


Otherwise, I think it is Amazing.
Keep up the work!

Thank you for that. I didn’t realize that

Overall looks nice but 4 things that could need improving!

~There's some Z Fighting on the floor near the vending machine;


~There's a small hole/crack in the wall near the couch and table.

~ More Z fighting by the plant pot thing in the same room with the crack.


~ Some of the seats on the couch face the wrong way lol.

Other than that it’s fine. :slight_smile:

Thank you I will fix it right away

So something I noticed was first the lounge chairs. They all have arm rests only on their left side, which was intentional, but it made them look lopsided, so maybe make them symmetrical. The next thing I noticed was how in almost every room there are shadows from the lights, which don’t make sense as the lights are not supposed to have shadows. The fix is easy; just set shadows to off on every light. After that, I thought the vending machine looked clunky and the interior of it look like 2 separate shelves of chips. Maybe add little tabs at the front of each bag that say price or something and make the 2 shelves look connected. Maybe make the shelves also look black/dark gray.

Also, one more thing. The build looks more like a luxury apartment rather than an office, because there are no cubicles or office looking things that you’d expect in the build. The next time you work on it, I think it would make sense to either expand the build to include those things or to replace one of the rooms to an office worker room, I guess.

Anyway, your build is a great start! :ok_hand: :ok_hand: