[Feedback] Mushroom House

Hello! I recently starting modeling blender, and I decided to try and make a low poly-like house. I decided to go for a cartoony mushroom house, and I’d like to know what you guys think. Thanks!


It looks awesome, but the door looks like it has weird scratch marks, or indents? Don’t know if that is on purpose… But, otherwise, It is really good!

Looks good for a first model, a few tips for modeling which people fail at first at.
Use Command Or Control B to add bevels to selected edges, scroll mouse to add more segments.
If parts look weird with shade smooth, but you want some areas smooth, go under the object panel (Aka the yellow triangle thing) and under normals turn on auto smooth. You must have smooth shading on for the effect to work.
Always have a reference picture.

Hope this helps!

Looks good for a first model but I think you might need a reference picture.

Stay home, Stay safe!

Its supposed to add a little detail, but I guess it was too unfocused. Thanks!

Thank you, I’ll take it call into account for future builds!

Looks good! Can you add more detail to it? Can there be an inside to the mushroom house because I’d like to see it!