Feedback My first GFX

hello developers, I want to show my GFX, I am very new to this field. oh yeah BTW I want to introduce myself too. this is my first post. please give feedback


please rate


It is fine. I don’t have much to comment on, but my eyes hurt after looking at it for a while.

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ok thx for your feedback @CharlieValognas , it is due to grass and effect, as well as brightness

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the terrain looks strange, and the lighting on the players makes the looks of them lose detail. it’s interesting other than that

The grass hurts your eyes, so maybe remove that effect or tone it down a little

The grass also looks like its floating because of the effect, except for that, It looks okay,
The bodies are reflecting too much sunlight, so turn the brightness down

Maybe also add some more detail by adding more objects, such as trees, more stones, stuff like that and it should look great!

I think its better to use Blender for better shadows, and the lighting is very painful in my eyes. But overall its good.

Brightness is a little high and overexposed but I would also consider zooming in because you cannot see the details especially with the overexposure. I would try to loosen up the characters because they look a little stiff. Overall it’s pretty good :slight_smile: :+1:

The GFX is great for a starter! But it looks like its zooming in onto the characters. I would also try to lower the saturation because I cannot see the character’s outfits that well. But, this is pretty good for a first GFX!

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I can’t really see the avatars that well because of the brightness, maybe make it a little less bright. Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like the grass makes it look like you added blur effect to it. I also feel like you could add a little bit of decoration to the surrounding areas since the characters are surrounded by emptiness. Maybe that’s what you were going for? Not sure, but I love the gfx. Excited to see your future work. <3

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thank you, naturally, i am new to this field


Thx for the advice @bbycorpsee


Thx @antojensob untuk penilaiannya

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Thank u @Andrewthebeast3284 That’s very interesting

I suggest making, “you” have less stretched arms and legs like the other person.

OK then, thanks for the advice

OK, then friends, thank you for the advice

Thank you for the assessment. Naturally, I’m still new to the GFX field