[FEEDBACK] My first kinda low poly build

I’m trying to get better at building, and I want peoples honest opinion on this build I made also its my first time using blender to make meshes.
[EDIT] More Angles & A blacksmith


Could you provide more screenshots around the build at different angles, so we can give more feedback.

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Hello! If this is your “first kinda low poly” build I must say I’m amazed. The building overall looks good. I see that you used some meshes too it’s good getting started with blender so early, it’ll help you a lot. When it comes to the roof I think you could make it look better by adding another layer beneath (with a color that is a little bit darker than the one you’re using) so it gives more depth. I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to say so here’s a screenshot

I hope I was able to help you and keep building! :smile:


This is good for your first ever Low-Poly builds, I genuinely like how your learning new stuff to improve your building skills, however I do think there should be more detail on the blacksmith building the front of the building wall looks very plain in my opinion, I think there should be some minor improvements added to the front part of the blacksmith I can see it’s pretty simple and doesn’t really have that much detail to it.

Try adding a bit of decoration to your builds you could add some Hanging Lights, Wooden Tables, Barrel, Baskets, Boxes, tool racks, ect. And more I feel like there should be a solid wood cover over the fireplace with extra things in the area like I said above since you’re still learning you could definitely look at some blacksmith images to get the full details.

Other than that this is good though for your first build keep learning and practicing to improve your building skills.

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