[FEEDBACK] My first low-poly house

So I have been trying to create a low poly shop, and I don’t know what I can improve on.

Any feedback about what I can add/change is very much appreciated.


Looks like a nice and sleek lowpoly build, but it doesn’t look like a house.


I would have to agree right now it’s mainly looking like a shop.

I suggest changing the door to resemble more of a actual houses door ( Panel type door with glass at the top or none at all, and a door knob instead of the grocery store style pull/push bar )

Most houses use shutters instead of awnings so that’s likely another reason it feels more store ish vibes.

Houses usually have arched roofs while stores will have flat roofs.

and finally Most houses will have like a 2-3 panel window in what would be the living space, while single everywhere else so rn it almost seems like there’s no living rooms.

Hope that helps to give some ideas, If you were going for a store though then ya got it pretty solid I would just add a sign that says store hanging from above the door, or put up on the roof.


Looks pretty good for a first time low-poly style build, great work!

It does seem a bit plain though. Try adding some signs or decoration around the build to add to the atmosphere.

The materials as well as the colour also seems quite plain, try using slightly less flashy colours and a variety of materials which will compliment your build.

Good luck!


Good job on the build and I have to agree with the others that it does look like a shop:
Here’s a shop which I found on google:

Here’s a low-poly house I found on the dev-forum:

You can sort of see a difference between them (Like how the roof is triangled on the home and the roof on the shop is flat, there’s a chimney on the house but not on the shop).

I’m not trying to discourage you though! Your build is very good and has great quality.
Keep it up! :+1:

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Good job on the Low-Poly…except it looks like a shop! Other then that keep up the great work!

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Hello developer!

It’s a nice building, but unfortunately a shop, as past posts mentioned. I like the design though, and it meets the requirements for the Low-Poly style.

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I love the design looks elegant but the bright red looks a bit weird try to put it a little dark that would be all. keep it up and excellent job.


You can add bricks for wall (bricks are for decoration)
The Roof could have been better :slight_smile:

Good Job! I love low poly builds!

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