(Feedback) my first low-poly tree

So… I started using blender and this is the first model I made…


wow that is really good for your first model but i think the log is a bit too skinny!


That looks really good! I feel like it would fit well with a city build.


I disagree, I like the way the log looks.


Looks fantastic! I like the style and choice of colors on the tree!

Overall, perfect design, and looks great as your first tree, good work! :happy2:


I would say that the tree looks overall nice since this is your first model in blender. The leaves look very nice however maybe try creating other removing some of the leaves on the one branches if I’m not mistaken they seem to cluttered and close to together so. I would suggest that you make them more random angles, positions and sizes.

Try to also avoid making the same leafs identical maybe have other shapes and sizes, consider adding another branch on the left so the leafs are not clumped together on one branch if you know what I mean you could possibly, throw some roots connected in the ground to give it a more natural feel. Overall it’s definitely a good start.


This is a very very good. Especially for your first model.
Great choice of; colour, shape & length


It’s really great! Congratulations! The proportions are just perfect and the leaves have a low poly theme that mostly advanced modelers would be able to create. It can be used for both city and forrest tree(without the bottom part for the forest), and thats pretty cool. If I would change anything it would be the bottom part, as it just makes it feel isolated. However, don’t remove it, just change the black material to green or brown, maybe even add some low poly grass. Despite this, it’s an excellent build.


It’s cute! Not bad for your first low-poly build, keep it up.

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Great! I have some feedback.

  • Make the tree a bit taller.
  • Make the circle at the bottom bigger.

I rate that a 9/10 it’s really good! Reminds me of trees in cafe games. I would pay 200-400 robux for a model of that tree.

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Looks awesome. Good job! I may add another limb on the left though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very good model, you have potential :woot:

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It is tall but in the screenshot it looks short and the circle is big

This is nice for your first time. Can’t wait to see your improvements over time.

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Thank you for your reply I cant wait to get better and better at this.

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Woah, nice! For a first model, it’s pretty impressive. Good job!

Show me a screenshot of you next to the tree.

Wow this is better than my first try in blender! :exploding_head:

Greetings, your low poly tree really looks very impressive and has an appearance which is really descent when you look at.
Though, I would suggest the tree’s trunk to be a little bit more thicker because honestly, it looks so thin.
Though actually I appreciate you added branches to your low poly tree which really made a very interesting look.
Overall, your low poly made tree is very well-made and I could say you may add this to a nature-type game or a park game. Maybe even in a city game where there are trees in sidewalks.

Hello, It looks pretty good! I could see this being used in certain types of maps for games. I like the way it was modelled as well, so good job for it being your first!

I don’t really have much criticism about this, it is really well made.

Good job! :grinning: