FEEDBACK | My first use of Roblox Terrain

I’d like to share my first smooth terrain creation. I was trying to make an open world game and I started it first by making my mountainous terrain. The thing is I 100% do not have any idea how to make one. I’ve tested some techniques and this is what I got.


That looks awesome so far, I’m not exactly sure of the geographic region you’re going for but it’s looking very nice. Some small feedback I’d have would be:

  • Make sure the hills are sloped and rolling and a tiny bit less pointy (although that may just be the LOD from far away) as hills that way are usually more flat.

  • Always think about the kind of terrain in a location, for example I’d imagine dirt and sediment along the river banks, close up it gives a more real feeling.

Otherwise awesome start, the way your background blends with the lighting is also spot on, really good job.


I was aiming for a tropical look, sort of a south east asian country.

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when making a mountain i would make a cube to make sure the height and the width of the mountain. Then i start using the add tool to add stairs near the cube, and finally i use the grow tool and the smooth tool to make the stairs a slope. Hope this helps.

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Although it looks great, it does not look like mountains at all, just rolling hills in the plains.

Not going to lie, that is some quite good skill you have for your first terrain creation, some improvment points.

  • More hills/bumpy ground

  • Some different terrain materials, eg: You could do little bits of rock, mud, ground.

Apart from that, your first smooth terrain creation looks amazing, well done!

Looks pretty good! The only recommendation I have to give is to try to make the fog you added match the skybox color.

Right now the fog seems to be very grey/dark, so it isn’t really like a true fog. However, if you make the fog match to the skybox as close as possible, the fog will actually be, well, foggy.

Here’s an example:

Since the fog blends in with the skybox it makes things covered in fog actually difficult to see and gives a true fog effect. Not only does this look more realistic, it also could change up game play a bit too since it’ll be harder to see people at extreme ranges.

I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face: