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Hey there! Recently i’ve been starting to get interested in GFX’s again! I made these GFX’s this summer, please rate/feedback them!


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This GFX aren’t bad for a beginner I’d focus more on lighting and using Cycles rendering instead of Eevee to make them even better! Here’s some videos I recommend for you getting into Blender GFX

many of the videos out there teach you really bad habits when creating GFX so watch these ones first to get the right idea and the best way to get better is by just using the program more trust me on this.

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I couldn’t use cycles when i rendered those GFX’s since i didn’t use rigs for these, and some stuff turned transparent. But yeah I’ll try learning rigs.

Transparent hats is to due to an alpha texture attached to all Roblox hats import with them

however you can easily remove them by clicking the alpha and removing the link which will fix transparency. Yeah also rigs are really good as you can add super realistic poses and some even allow custom facial expressions which would also make a render look much nicer

as can be seen here

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