Feedback My Latest GFX

Hey there! So recently i finally made another GFX/render, please give me some feedback. I also used rigs and hdri for the first time when making this :slight_smile:




The render is nice, but I recommend bending the limbs more.

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Thanks, i’ll try to do it better next time :slight_smile:

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Yeah I agree that the limbs should be bent all little bit more! But that’s no biggie! I think you did a fantastic job on your latest GFX!


The character does seem to be extremely well textured and it looks like they’re made of real shiny plastic, but the limbs don’t connect to their body, similar to what the others said

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Could you send me any tutorials or teach me on how to make the texture not so “plastic”?

Select the head, go into the ball with red and white, and change the metallic, the roughness and the Specular.

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Oh ok, than you so much! I’ll use this in my next GFX!

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