[FEEDBACK] My latest render

I started making roblox renders again and i’m planning to start making some for others, please give me feedback and what to improve. (Criticize me if you want)


I love the character, and it’s a pretty good pose. One thing I can’t stress enough is learning lighting. There’s hundreds of tutorials (in general not roblox specific) blender/C4D lighting can really change how your render looks. Also, if using C4D I suggest adding reflection and a bump map. To really bring out the character!

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Thanks for your feedback! I will try some of your ideas to improve.

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Great, can’t wait to see. If you need any help or guidance I’m always around!

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I really like it, espacially the blur effect on the glasses. Can’t wait to see more of these. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I disagree, I don’t believe lighting is an issue in this. It’s very stylistic and unique, and the lighting used compliments it.

This is really good!


Yes you are right its alright, but I think he should still mess around with lighting and give it his personal touch as he makes pretty good graphics. But same lighting or not it’s a very well done GFX I agree.

I love it! I have nothing else to say.

Hey @Avatearus! Your graphic is great. In my opinion, I would add a bit more effects and maybe add a text. If you need help finding fonts for graphics, I recommend you to go to dafont.com. You can search for fonts and test them out.