Feedback my Library


Hey CloneJester,

Your library looks good, but I would add these things:

  1. You should add more textures to the shelves and the tables, maybe a wood texture.
  2. I would add more details to every chair, table, books, and candles.
  3. In the images you can’t see any door, I would add one somewhere.
  4. The paintings bland, I would put a picture on it.

That’s everything I would add to your library.

Good Luck on finishing your Library! :+1:


thanks for ur advice
so the door at this potision…this will connect to hallways (but i havent finish it yet )

There’s a lot of copy and paste, I understand, its a lot of books, but maybe have more variety, but it looks good!

Well first of all god job :clap: I suggest adding textures to the shelves and tables, the paintings also look bland and tasteless. Adding your avatar into one of the paintings would be cool.

Add actual fire to your candles, that would make the candles look better. And I would also add floor texture. Also mentioning “Add wood texture” again.

I think you should change the material/texture of the floor so it doesn’t look like the one of the walls. Otherwise your library looks great and cozy :slight_smile:

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