Feedback My Logo

Can You Rate/Feedback My logo i made a lot of versions
version 1
RD (1)
Version 2
RD (2)
i made another version of Rd Studios logo without neon effect
RD (3)
Version 4


Its way too bright, lower the glow, you should lower the RD so its closer to the studios, maybe even add a gradient as a background.

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**ok i will try it **

ok i will try

I like v3

V2 gives me a trying too hard feeling

If you’re going for a more modern look, then I really like version 4.

If not, I suggest doing what @realmile said

V1: Great
V2 Looks epic
Alt Version: Hmm, could be improved on
V4: Looks great

v4 is my favourite, it looks very clean and simplified. v1 is also nice but I think their is too much neon.

the 4th one all of the other suck and make my eyes hurt

I extremely like the 4th one, the 4th one looks great! V1 and V2 looks pretty bright Ngl.

All logos are mainly a different style and theme, and they can apply to different types of groups.
Here’s my feedback on them!

v1: It seems to be a simple text logo, but I do highly suggest you center the “studios” and make it aligned underneath the RD.

v2: This one seems to be a sci-fi style logo, but once again center the “studios” and align it properly underneath the RD. Reduce the glow a bit, too.

v3: This is a different style, looks to be cartoony. But I do suggest you should change the font of the “studios” too and align it properly underneath the RD.

v4: This one’s probably the best, in my opinion, it’s the neatest and it’s aligned properly. I don’t have much feedback on this one, nice job!

Keep it up! :happy3:

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thanks for the support i am very grateful