Feedback my project SUV

Hi everyone!
This is my first concept SUV i design by myself in blender 2.79



Real model publish in roblox studio

Any suggestions for it? so I can improve myself in the future.


It can be updated a little more. Keep up the good work!

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I love the car! I don’t see a problem with this car at all!

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Looks really nice, keep up the good work! I see no issues with this at all, and it looks like something I’d see in a dealership. Looks a bit like this:


Unfortunately I can’t buy this SUV, as it’s that good :frowning: Wonder if this will handle winter well? Probably…

the 3D model of the car was great, has nothing to refer to as error

It looks like a design for an electric SUV, I think it looks cool.

Might be too advanced but maybe you could try to make an interior!

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This is pretty nice! It reminds me of the new land rover defender! I gotta love the style, it fits roblox so well. You should design cars for the roblox endorsed car pack!