Feedback my small “showcase”

Just made this small “showcase” quick because I was bored. This is most likely just the base of a “real” showcase. Any ideas on how to improve this / any feedback? I’m also in need of name ideas for this. What do you think would fit :thinking:


I mean i don’t really understand how the small arc is made out of sand on the inside.


The water lake seems pretty unlogical, it’s like a plain terrain wall with magical water somehow shoots out from the top of the wall. Try to make like a cave or an empty part of the terrain wall.

The lighting is also unlogical, as I couldn’t see where the light source is coming from. Try to make it obvious so we can see the source clearly.


Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that when K was making this. I’ll fix that when I go work on this next time! Thanks for telling me!

Yeah, that’s because I made the source invisible, shall I make a visible and make it look like something good? I’m out of ideas really.

You should make it visible so it look logical.

Any ideas what the lighting source could be like? I don’t think a lamp would fit lol

Maybe some campfire? Or a lamp. That’s literally what I can think of.

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Work on the lighting!! Lighting is a important part of showcases, and Future lighting is very helpful. They terrain itself looks messy. You can also turn on the grass feature by going to terrain and clicking decoration check box. Watch some tutorials and learn some things, their is ALOT that can be improved.

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Oh yeah, I actually turned on the grass right after I took this image, so that is turned on already.

Could you suggest any tutorials I could watch?

I don’t think it’s a showcase if you just used the expand tool a few times and changed the material up. You could name it “project 1” and move onto another. If you’d like to make a more realistic showcase, try sticking to one theme, because desert and grassy flats don’t mix well unfortunately. (And also a random waterfall? XD)

Oh yeah, like i stated earlier in the thread, i forgot about the waterfall thing XD
I’ll do my best to try to fix this! I just did this thing for fun just so you know, and i’ve barely played around with terrain before, so i’m new to it basically.