[Feedback] My UI!

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Hi hello there, Today I was working on a UI and I was wondering what you thought! <3

This was a UI, For practise, So let me know what you think!


That’s pretty good! I’ve got nothing to say!

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Looks professionally made, catches the eye of the audiences, and I think it’s already perfect.

I’m gonna beat everyone to the punch. That looks good but its lacking contrast between the white and the bright yellow. Most importantly, the yellow lines behind the text, along with the poor contrast, makes it hard to read. Lastly, you should probably change where the text-overflow starts so the bottom text looks like:

What would you
like to order?

Instead of:

What would you like
to order?


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep it in mind for future projects!

Very great UI! But the contrast isn’t that great. As it kinda mixes up with the background, you know what I mean.
I’d almost recommend trying a different background for “What would you like to order?”
Overall, it’s a pretty nice UI!

Thanks, I totally get it! I’m fairly new to UI designing, So I wasn’t sure what to do. Overalls thanks for the feedback!

As a person who thinks their best telent is making Guis, a belive it looks pretty good and modern, I suggest you change the text color to something else tho, red or black might do it, is for you to experiment with tho.

I like the design, you should add a animation when the cursor goes over it. (If you ever add it to a game.)

Heh, I do all this on ipad, So it’s not likely that I will be able to, But thanks abunch!

Love it! It looks very professional and catches attention. Continue like this!

I suggest you add another color that matches with the yellow! First, I think another matching font would do for more variety. Second, try fixing the dotted lines as the spacing is unbalanced. Third, you should separate the subtext so that it is not suffocated with each other and needs to be small.