[FEEDBACK] Naples International AIrport Review updated

Guys I need feedback on this please.

You can review the game here:
W.I.P game Naples International Airport - Roblox

Texturing will be issued :+1:



the game build are really good but something make the game a little lag. so um… yeah i hope you get this but there was a another thing i wanna talk about and it was the “Carpet”.
here is the picture of the “Carpet”

the carpet kinda to big for me but can you do a little part at the floor and put all the texture each on every parts. that it for now… the game itself was really good not gonna lie but you make a out standing game. great job!
that it for now and i will see you in the next reply…

Hello, can you please add screenshots?

Also why is the carpet so big? It makes the whole map look bad, no offense.

@RISING_ROBLOX I told my other builder that he said its nice but sure Ill fix it

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Nice place, though I recommend using textures for the carpet rather than a decal! :slightly_smiling_face:

@BL0oMz Just Updated the game check it out.Thanks for the feedback :+1: :slight_smile:

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