[Feedback Needed] A (very simple) traffic light

Hi! Ever since I was working on my city game, I made my own traffic light.



Feedback is very appreciating.

  • It’s perfect!
  • Looks great :+1:t5:
  • It’s ok (State why? [optional])
  • Might need a bit of improvement (Please say what needs improvement)

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The pole should be a little bit taller, or the trafic lights should be smaller

The way it lights up is good

Nice work

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Ok then. Thanks for feedback! (Char limit)

The traffic signal itself just needs to be smaller, good work.

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The light parts should be smaller, like the whole box part, other than that it’s amazing!

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Oh I see what you guys mean.

Honestly, I tried to make the light Noob-NPC size, but now I get it. Thanks for the correction! :grin:

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  • Looks better in the day
  • Looks better in the night

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Also trying to make my own signal.