[Feedback Needed] Dark Hallway (Future Light Showcase)

Hello! I have been messing around with the Future lighting and wanted some feedback on what I did :slight_smile:

The build itself is not amazing because I wanted to focus on lighting. I know there are ways to improve it, but I am not sure what to do. I used point lights to create the effect since no matter how much editing I did to spotlights, they didn’t seem to work. Thanks for all the feedback and have a great day!

It depends if players can/have to walk through it. If they do, it shouldn’t take any more then 10 seconds to get through there. The visuals are nice, I just like to think about the gameplay.

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This is just a random hallway to showcase some light, it won’t be used in a game.

Looks good, I really like the style of it. Though, some spots are a little bit too dark.

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Maybe add a carpet. Or add like paintings pictures, ect. on the walls

As I said, this is a lighting showcase!!!

Which is why you should try manipulating the light in a way to make it look more better and not bland

Have tried using beams to make the lighting more appealing interesting with your showcase so far the lighting is good if your wanting to play around with the lighting more try adding lighting on the walls or floor to have that realistic approach your wanting:

Have you tried messing playing around with surface lights and point lights a little more depending on what the approach your going for. I’m not sure how far your trying to go with this but if your wanting to strive for realistic lighting i would try messing around instill you find something thats interesting?

In short, try placing lighting objects on the floor to match the design on the ceiling since this is a showcase featuring just lighting try to strive for something that suits your liking.