Feedback needed for character model

Just whatever you think is good or needs improvement for this character model, put it down below.


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The head looks very weird, try changing the shape

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what about now? I kind of rounded the bottom of his head

That looks more realistic, also, he looks a little skinny and his eyes seem too big, but if you are trying to go on a more cartoon stroke then the eyes are fine


gave him broader shoulders, and it looks a lot better. Thanks!

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Its arms are very long… i recckmend making them smaller

Not sure about what art style you’re trying to achieve, but with the current model i’d say try to keep the cartoony eyes consistent with a more cartoony art style.

Reduce the realism in the arms by smoothening the ridges that separate the upper arm from the lower arm, so they are less prominent.

The hands too, do seem a bit out of pocket, so a bit more cartoon-ifying should be good. Otherwise I think I see what you’re trying to achieve, and you are doing an amazing job!

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