Feedback needed on Heli Rush Minigame

Hi, so me and a friend are currently working on a minigame called Heli Rush where the objective is to survive. We have added a few things such as upgrades and pets but we need some more ideas both for the shop but ideas to make the gameplay better. We just released the game yesterday so there are plenty of bugs.

Game link:



Can we have some pics for the people who can’t join the game? :wink:

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Yup, will take some screenshots now :wink:

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Lobby looks good and map looks very good keep it up all so can I play this game on mobile I might want to grand on it? :123:

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Hello,I’ll check out the game later in, but from the pictures, it’s cool! Only thing is that the run decal looks a bit weird! Make it looks like this!:
:running_woman: or :running_man:

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Yes you can play this on mobile, and we defently need feedback from mobile users.

Yeah it’s very pixelated, we need to redo the ui for sure but we have not found any yet.

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All so if you need someone to make you music I am here to it for free. :123:

I feel like there’s a couple of problems with the core gameplay right now:

  • It kinda boils down to “pick a spot, stand around and hope for the best”, which works for things like disaster island, but rounds in games like that only go on for about half the time that this one does, meaning that standing around and waiting to either die or live can get a bit boring.
  • With a couple of outliers, the maps mostly don’t make a difference to the experience. The helicopter’s ability to just clip through walls basically leaves it to luck as to whether or not your hiding spot will have any effect at all. The length of the rounds also leaves most maps entirely decimated before the end is even near.
  • The helicopter always comes with the same armaments, meaning the threat never changes and the only gameplay difference between rounds is the map, which we’ve established doesn’t make much of a difference.

My primary suggestion would be to give players a more active role in this game, asking them to fight the helicopter instead of just run from it. That’ll solve the boredom problem, and adding a variety of weapons to rotate between would expand on the gameplay variety without having to fiddle too much with the helicopter itself. I understand that this is a change to the most fundamental part of your game so you might be a bit apprehensive about it - there’s other avenues to explore to solve the listed problems but I feel like this one is the most bang for your buck.


My brother played the game, it’s awesome!

I like the game concept and that stuff, but there are some problems:

  1. Pay 2 win

I don’t mean that the game is p2w, but the game have a bit of it, because you can buy coins, and with that coins, you can buy upgrades, which makes the game p2w, I would recommend you add another currency (Gems) where you can’t buy them and can be obtained by winning matchs, and that stuff.

  1. Upgrade jump issue:

My brother just have upgraded the jump thing to one, and he didn’t got any upgrade, he was forced to upgrade the thing again to make this work, could you fix that?

  1. LoadCharacter instead of Killing

When the match ends, the player dies, I would recommend you use : LoadCharacter()

  1. Nukes

In the start, this can be fun, but later, this will become boring.

The game is pretty cool! I would like to learn how did you made that helicopter work. And that stuff.

Also, add gamemodes, like two helicopters in a round, etc. thanks for reading :+1: :123:


Thank you we are defently planning on adding new maps and tweaking the helicopter attacks. Giving players the option to fight the helicopter is for sure an interesting idea but we might need to rethink alot at that point. But we will work on trying to give players more of an active role in game for sure.

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For sure, we are defently working on more gamemodes as you mentioned Double Helis and there are plenty of bugs we need to fix.

when you release this game??? and how many people you need this game to approve that this game is the best game you ever made. and how much you need to put an advertisement for this game???