Feedback needed on mining game

To test my scripting skills in Datastores, Remote events, and other things, I created this mining game using the map from The Underground War by @Stickmasterluke. It’s not the best quality, and I used a few free models (like the map), but other then that it’s all made from scratch. let me now what you think.

Thanks for reading.

Update: When I released the game at first, I forgot to add some stuff. Ability to view Inventory has been added, as well as a warning for when the mine collapses.


I mean isn’t this literally The Underground War but not CTF and without guns?

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just because he used the map doesn’t mean thats what it is

but in reality
that IS what it is

Actually, I’m work on the CTF part, I just need to make some changes. Also, I’ll add the sniper along with it. (You’ll unlock it)

For some reason, Money and shop doesnt work…?

Fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.