Feedback needed on my Katana Sword

Hello, i would be happy if you give some feedback on my katana that i was working for some days (I do really slow work but trying to be faster)


how many verts etc…?
Is that blender?
Can we see the topoligy?

About uhh about one-two week cuz i did other things and I kept remodelling the blade and the handle

Question 1 Answer: statusboi
Question 2 Answer: Yes, it is blender.
Question 3 Answer: What is topoligy? (if you meant topology i do not know what is that either)

Nice work! With experience you’ll be able to cut down your meshing times aswell as make higher quality items. Good job so far!

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Topology is basically the edit or wireframe mode. Bad topology won’t affect ingame but it will make it harder to edit the mesh

1 : that is way too mutch you shoud try aiming for 3k verts
2 : ok
3 : dont show texture than edit mode than press 3 so we see the edges