Feedback needed on my Nichirin Katana

Hey everyone. Finally decided to update my Blender… Here’s my first model in Blender 2.91, Tokito Muichirou’s Nichirin Katana. I’m 100% open to constructive criticism and suggestions, so feel free to give your honest opinion.

Note: I wasn’t able to put the white kanji letters on the blade due to having difficulty locating a picture of it with a transparent background.


The guard and handle look spot on, if you give them a texture, i.e the handle a rope or wrapping texture it’d look even better. The sword could use some work however, as it seems a little small for the handle. A broader size and texturing would make this beautiful. Send more pictures of when you improve! I’d love to see it when complete! :+1:

Hello Ongakuka! Thank you so much for sharing your opinion. I truly appreciate it, as it helps me get better as a modeler. I’ll make sure to get to that right away!

I’m not sure if this is your first sword model in blender, but if it is, then that is truly something else. In my opinion, this is a great looking katana.

I listed some things that you could do to maybe improve the current model:
• Make the blade a bit more curved. (I’m not sure if it is already, but if it is, maybe you could make it a bit more curved)
• You could also add some more detail on the pommel if you really wanted to, as an extra step, like an engraving.

But overall, this is a great katana. Keep up the great work! :+1:

Hi WorriedStick! It’s actually not my first creation in blender, it’s just my first creation in blender 2.9 (as I recently graduated from 2.8). Sorry about the confusion I may’ve caused, I’m not very good with words, haha.

The blade is already curved, but it’s quite subtle, and you can’t really tell in the picture, but I’ll make sure to increase its curvature.

And thank you for sharing your opinion, I truly appreciate it.