Feedback needed on obby game!

Hey there! My friend and I made an obby game, it’s called Almog’s Timer Breaker. We need some feedback before sponsoring the game, Here’s the link.

Almog’s Timer Breaker - Roblox


Look great, feels great, and works great!

It really gives a different vibe than other default obby games, and I like that. A few more things I would add/change to make it even better:

  1. A music mute button. Those songs could get really annoying after a few minutes

  2. A normal obby part. I get that this is supposed to be a “hard jump practice”
    type of obby, but I think adding a normal, continuous, 100-ish levels obby part would be great

  3. Teleporting back to the correct place. For example, when you play one of the mini obbies and die, you get teleported back to the 2 main portals. It would be better if you got teleported back to the entrance of the obby that you were completing if you were completing one

And a few bugs

  1. Stepping on a start (the green things) multiple times makes the counter glitch. Probably starts multiple timers that want to play at the same time. Found it at the mini-towers
  2. Completing a mini-tower doesn’t make the counter disappear. It will just stay there until you die

The game was definitely worth a like and a favourite tho. Nice work


We will definitely add this feature, will be there in the next update.

We will add continuous obby, thanks for suggesting! :slight_smile:

Understood, we’ll add this feature. Thanks for suggesting! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t run multiple timers, there’s one timer.

We’ll look what we can do about it.

Do you think we should make Discord’s server?

Thanks for testing our game, we appreciate that! :smiley:


I think when the game gets more popular, it will be worth making a Discord server, maybe for sharing records, questions on how to do a jump, etc. And if you create it now, more people can join. So yes, you should make a Discord server.

I don’t know what happens, but it looks like this

Just found that it stops glitching after about 130 seconds

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Alright, thanks for suggestion!

This bug is fixed!

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You can make the gamepass ui on the player’s screen, as many people may not see it with the current ui. Adding alignment keys would also be great. Btw I beat the wr.
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There’s a gamepass shop already.

I didn’t understand what you were trying to say.

Wow very great! Which one, glitch or normal?

Thanks for testing our game! We appreciate that. :smiley:

Yes but its not very salient

There are some special keys on obby games to make wallhopping easier, you can search yt about it.

The normal one.

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I will consider adding it.

Alright, I added it.