[FEEDBACK] New build of a mall

Hey Developers!

I’ve recently made a build and I want to see what you think about it and if there are things that I should add/fix!

I made this build in around 3 hours so it was a little rushed on.

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Your mall looks very good! But at the hall of the mall It’s empty, you can add little stalls like an ice cream stall, hot dogs, donuts, etc. Adding signs that show where are the shops, bathrooms, restaurants, etc would be good too! The floor of the hall looks good but I think that the neon material doesn’t fit too good in it. I like the mall and I love the furniture style. Keep the good work! :+1: :grin:


I like it! Your mall looking very fresh, i suggest you should add some ceiling lights at the hall way.

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Add some more stalls and purchasable items and it may look great!

I am not the creator of the build, you confused. qwq

sorry, I replied to the wrong person will not happen again! :sweat_smile:

It’s fine, don’t worry. :smile:

I would say your build is mostly missing decoration, here’s some suggestions :arrow_down:
other than those few things your build is pretty nice, have a good day! :smile:

  • Add a logo or sign in front of the areas of the mall
  • Tone down on the neon material so the lighting isn’t so bright
  • Add more decorations to the areas of the mall such as posters, bottles, consoles, dairy products such as coffee, cake, smoothies ect. :video_game: :milk_glass: :cake:
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Your mall looks great! I suggest maybe adding some decoration to fill up the empty spaces especially the hallway since it’s very open, but everything else is amazing!

The mall looks amazing to be honest, though for the other parts of the mall, based on your images, has only white color floor which made it a little bit dull, but professional.
I would just want to suggesg if your planning on different floor textures or designs, it would be recommendable for every different section of the mall to make it more pleasing for its appearance.

Looks really nice, keep up the good work!

One think i noticed is that you’re using the 3D Text Plugin. Of course there’s nothing bad to it but you should use Paint 3D if you have Windows 8 or higher.
Here’s the link in case you need it:

Other thing i noticed in your first photo. The floor will more likely make players with low spec PC crash or slow the gameplay experience. Of course it’s your decision to remove it or not. Also you could add paintings on the wall or think about a smart, sleek design using the many Texture Pack models available in the Tool Box.

Per total, your mall looks extremely good for a beginner. Keep up the good work :heart:

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One recommendation I have would be to lower the how high the tiles. also add some additional details onto the walls and stuff but apart from that it looks very nice.