Feedback of a test release of my upcoming game?

Im making a new game and im still working on alot
NOT: i cant get a “Disable RPG Camera” button working so it has a normal roblox camera not the RPG one yet
I have a few things like a custom rig that has more parts than the standard R6 rig
Dummies that follow the player like enemies do (but faster)
Custom animations
More is coming soon! (It only has a few things at the moment but i will add more)

The pathfinding/ai for the npcs and enemies could be better. They just stick to your back.

The game seems really simple, I suggest adding terrain and creating your own currency and weapon system.

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Ok! It is still a early test so it will be simple. Thanks for the currency suggestion. Its going to have multiple rooms in a dungeon (Im going to try to make a randomly generated dungeon) so it wont have terrian

Its very basic, if you want to make a game that resembles 2010 roblox Id really work on more simple details to the maze, as for the NPCS, their very bland, the enemies just attacked eachother and ignored me entierly even when there was only one, the training dummy actually followed but I only realized they have a path follow system when I read the comments, If you cant perfect the path finding I would try maybe locking areas of the dungeon untill enemies are defeated

Ok! I am still working on the dungeon system and i will work on the enemies

For me everything was empty except this dude…

To be honest this game would need a lot of work until its as almost bug free and decent models. But as you said this is in ALPHA.

If I were to give this to my little brother he would have a lot of fun playing it since infinite cloning and killing is fun.

I´ll be honest, this game really needs to improve, I guess you have not too much knowledge at scripting, and our friend @Chrythm is here to help us. Chythm´s kit is very usefull to start a project of this type, I leave you the link down, everything is so especific, I wish you luck on this!

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