Feedback of First Terrain Build

This took me about 30 mins or so. My first ever terrain build. Any tips on how to improve?


It looks good, the only things Iā€™d do is expand it a bit and att some trees, etc. Just things to fill it more

Hello there MiniMike,

I think, in order for me to help you, I would like to know that the goal of this terrain is. Are you trying to make realistic terrain??

~iG Studios Lead Map Designer

Maybe add nature decorations like trees and flowers and stuff.

I feel that the grass is quite bright and you could make it a bit darker. For me I like to have the water transparency from 1 - 0.7 and also as others have said you should add some shrubbery.

smoothen out some of the terrain because some of the landscape is really sharp and unnatural, also add variation in the grass like ground it overall adds a nicer look. :+1: Not a bad start though.