Feedback of my first roblox animation in blender

This video took me 2 hours to render Xd


This Roblox animation looks good! It’s extremely well-made for your first Roblox animation in Blender! Nice job on this!

To be your first animation you still have to learn a lot more about rendering and better animation quality.

If you are beginners, watch the necessary videos so you can learn much more

Even though i’m new to this, the animation would have looked better if i had set the sampling to 256, but in order for everything to render faster, i had to render everything with 24 sampling, because if i didn’t, it would it would take me 2 days of rendering no joke, my laptop is very weak and because of this i cannot unleash the full potential of blender

Very good for a first animation!
One tip that is quite advanced, is to add noise to human movements of limbs and stuff, which makes the movements look organic and natural, since humans do not usually move their limbs perfectly smoothly

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maybe set the blender project’s fps to 60 and not 30

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