Feedback of my new GFX

Hello! I just went back to making GFX and followed a tutorial and this is what I got! ;D

Any feedback will be much appreciated, sorry if its bad btw this is like my third gfx but yeah please give any feedback for how to improve and such and to everyone reading this, I hope you have a great day!


this is really good, which tutorial did you follow?

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Jesus definitely better than my third :sweat_smile:
Work on poses, the can make or break your scene
But overall really nice!

Some working on posing required but everything else is good.

I followed clement GFX’s tutorial if you want it its here ;D

Remade it with better posing and new lighting hopefully its better now ;D


the lighting is wayyy too bright, use filmic blender or something, the posing isn’t great, and the floor is also somehow the sky or the background or something and then the posing in the legs looks like he’s falling and the lighting is ok but still tone down the brightness but keep the area of the light some and light up the character from the front too

I changed it up a bit

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This looks cool, though the smoke thing seems off. Try making it a little more transparent.

dat smohk effect thou O_o doesn’t fit in, make the smoke redder, and have the charact on something, better arm posing, leg posing, and legs rooted at the lower half (not tilted)

Ok is this better?

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the smoke doesn’t fit in and looks like an overlay on glass or something, and the lighting and posing are still weird, and remove that outline.

I think it’s nice for one of your first, you will get better over time