Feedback of my new sword I made

Hello, I would like you to give me your feedback of my new sword that I made, it is not finished yet, it is just a prototype.


Nice! I like the animation and it doesn’t look as clunky as I thought it would.

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Is it realistic, no. Does that matter, no. Is it insanely cool, YES. You should think of exaggerating the swings showing the pure weight of the blade a great example of this is the Greatsword from Dark souls III You can use this video for reference. The model of the sword looks good aswell as the sfx. Good job!

Thank you, I’ll try it. Although animations are not my specialty

Practice makes perfect. If you do it enough you’ll be a pro in no time.

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the guy walks wayyyy too fast and the animation plays wayyy too fast and it does tooooo little damage it is very cool tho O_O

This looks really well done.
You modelled it, scripted it, and animated it and added VFX to it.
All of which are above average. Excellent job!

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