Feedback on 12 hour sci fi minigun model- HX 50

I want to make a good looking gun for a game i’m working on with a few people. However, I don’t know if I should add some more detail or some things like that. So I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas for me to add to it to make it look cooler/better overall. This is the gun I modeled, textured and rendered in blender 2.82a and just need some feedback.


It looks amazing. You don’t need to add anything more, in my opinion.


It looks great. I don’t think it needs any more detail. It’s already packing a lot of that. Great job on it!

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Damn. :eyes: That’s amazing.



Maybe you could include some ofthe parts rotating to make it look as if it’s alive and functional


It looks awesome! On my opinion, it does not need any more detail! Great job!

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It looks kind of funky to me. The gun doesn’t have a clear readable shape and doesn’t have a clear sillouette. The smooth handle and the red button seem out of place. It’s a good start, but having a clear shape and structure is very important.


I’m serious that does not look like it’s from roblox at all. Good job :+1:


How did you make that!!
It’s awesome!

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Thats because its from blender, not roblox

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That seems like it would be an absolute nightmare to export it into roblox however, it looks very nice, job well done :+1:.

However, as @6DBeing has said, there are some issues with it being readable. I also see issues with hold it can be held? I could get an idea of which hand grabs which part for the handles however, it seems/looks like it would be very uncomfortable to hold a small stick that is supported a large super hyper laser machine gun (lol).

Some details also seem out of place like on the backend of the machine gun, is that part supposed to be just decoration or what is its actual function? I can maybe understand the part below the handle that shoots to be the “core” of the minigun though.

Another exmaple would be the old button on the handle. It seems as though holding it to press it to fire a literal minigun with be very uncomfortable.

However, probs for adding alot of detail, good shapes, and overall nice look/asthetic. Only issues I see being actual “ergonomics”, structure/the function, and the uncomfortable feeling/odd choices like the button?


Looks amazing

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Feedback? This is amazing. Definitely a high end model.