Feedback on 2 songs I made

Hello! I made 2 songs recently, and want your opinion on them
The first one is a retro-style song:

The seconds one is like a suspenseful song:

And the third one is such a vibe.

I made it in 5 minutes. I need mental help :laughing:


They’re really good. But, I think they need more flow because right now they feel quite jumpy and detached, unless you’re going for a staccato style.

The second one is my favourite. Keep up the great work!

Yeah, I really liked the 2nd one too. Thank you!

I like the first sound better than the second.
The second would only fit in a well-chosen place in the game, I think. For example, like in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild at Death Mountain. Here you can find a picture of Death Mountain and a video where the cutscene is (from 27:32 in the video until 28:11, because the video shows all scenes).

Or here: Zelda Breath of the Wild - All Cutscenes The Movie HD - YouTube

Everyone has their own opinions, but thank you for your feedback!