Feedback on 2d artwork - roblox avatar portrait

I spent a few hours working on this piece for my devforum portfolio, and also to use as a profile picture, all feedback is appreciated <3
mushroom fairy portraitimage


Wow! That’s insane! That’s super good and looks really professional, it looks exactly the same as your avatar but in a drawing version. Keep up the good work!

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Thats great!, I wonder what line art do you use and what pen? What app? I need tips

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For apps, I use medibang paint pro because its free and i’m familiar with it, if you’re on your phone, ibis paint is great. I just work on my laptop.
Creating good art is way easier if you buy a drawing tablet, so if you can afford it I highly recommend it (I don’t have one but i REALLY should buy it)
As for lineart, i just use the basic pen tool. I hope this helped… kind of


this is actually pretty decent. keep up the creativity!

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Thanks, But what kind of drawing tab? Since Im saving for one

I’m looking to buy the XP Pen G640 because it’s relatively cheap and I’ve seen great reviews :))

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Very pretty! I only recommend that you use a different background color to exalt the green lady, besides this, I love your drawing!

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How much :shock: because I might buy it for my art

About $36 in USD I believe :))

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How da hell is that cheap 0.0… anyways thanks

The eyes look a bit weird, but other then that it looks really nice, I love the style. Nice job.