Feedback on 80s theme build

I’ve been working on this 80s themed building for a few hours. I have most of it completed and I want feedback on what I can add (detail). I’m also looking for feedback on how it is looking. I created the decals myself.

Thank you :blush:


Looks great!! To paint a more cohesive picture and to tell the story of your place, maybe add some more cars or a small parking lot, or even an outdoor seating area with some umbrellas perhaps. (It’s nighttime, so maybe some wooden tables without the umbrellas would be better.) Maybe you could even add some NPC’s with food, talking with one another, etc. outside their cars or at those tables, etc.


Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely will be adding cars and more NPCs. I did add a small seating area.


Ah, I’m not sure how I didn’t see those before! But I’m glad the rest of the feedback was helpful :blush:

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