Feedback on a Admin Panel UI that I've been working on

Hello, so I wanted to make this topic about your feedback on the UI that I’m working on. To explain what type of the UI is this, it’s basically an admin panel.

(according to that, there is some references from my friend’s admin panel which it was supposed to be for a game, something like a copy but who knows, made my own version for it.)

Here is the Admin Panel UI that I’ve been working on. (just the UI showcase.)

this is all.


Some scripting on that panel? I’ll probably plan to make an admin panel but depends.

The menu center is for the admin commands and such. These will be implemented soon.

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It looks good! I like the layout and coloring of it!


Great job with the UI, love the colors and simplicity!
Keep up the good work :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! Really did my best on this, but glad you enjoy it :slight_smile:

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I am not experienced with UI’s at all but from my perspective this looks great! I love the general design and coloring on everything. I think you did an amazing job and would love to see it with all the commands!